Why Blog?

For my study, I have chosen to stray from the traditional essay format and post my work into this blog so that it fits the new cognitive style of the “Digital Native” generation. Marc Prensky coined the term “Digital Native” in his 2001 article, “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants.” He describes Digital Natives as the generation of young students who have grown up completely immersed in digital technology.

“Digital Natives are used to receiving information really fast. They like to parallel process and multi-task. They prefer their graphics before their test rather than the opposite. They prefer random access (like hypertext). They function best when networked. They thrive on instant gratification and frequent rewards.”

-Marc Prensky

The blog format will allow me to organize content to suit Digital Natives. I will separate different topics into their own posts, which will be categorized and cataloged in the right sidebar. Hopefully this organization makes topics instantly retrievable, providing content that is more easily scan-able than in the linear organization of a traditional essay. The HTML will allow the reader to access internet sources through links. I hope that these elements provide an engaging, interactive experience that will encourage reader participation through comments, anonymous or not. I will link this blog through different forms of social media in attempt to attract an audience beyond my English 4874 class. I appreciate any and all participation.